Betty Kyallo opens up on financial struggles and a time her family had nothing

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Ms Betty Kyallo is not only a successful and celebrated media personality; but is also known for her skills in entrepreneurship hence her businesses that have seen her grow in the entertainment industry.

With that, of course Betty is loaded and rumor has it that she actually very smart at making money; and now more than ever – she is able to afford the kind of life she had always dreamt of while growing up.

I say this because thanks to a new post shared on her Instagram page; Ms Betty for the first time acknowledged that just like most people – she actually struggled with things like school fees arrears and power shortage at their home since her single mum couldn’t afford to cover all the bills at once.

Betty celebrates her sister for the journey

Alrhough Betty did not share everything in black and white; she shared the obvious hint in a post dedicated to sister Mercy Kyallo who was turning a year older this past weekend. The former news anchor wrote;

Mukikumbuka Mli-suffer Ronga😂😂😂 weeuh Aki Maisha. Mara school fees arrears, mara hakuna Stima… Wacha tu😂😂😂 Happy birthday @thisismercykyallo

Well clearly, despite appearing like rich kids – the Kyallos indeed understand the other side of poverty; but looking at how far they have since come – I guess they owe it all to their hard work!

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