Hidden Relationship? Amber Ray And Jimal Raise Eyebrows After Being Spotted Having Fun Together (Video)

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We both know that Amber Ray and business man Jimal Roho Safi went their separate ways; atleast from the information that Amber shared days ago. She admitted that she’s no longer with him and even announced that she’s single and not ready to mingle.

The flamboyant socialite also divulged that she wasn’t seeing Jimal anymore. In a nutshell, they dissolved what seemed to be a perennial relationship; filled with extreme drama.

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Jimal’s 1st wife, Amira; tried as much as she could to stay poised on Jimal-Amber relationship. But she unleashed her wrath one evening and attacked Amber at her house, with her neighbors in tow.

But Amber Ray’s ‘juju’ seems to be a powerful one. Jimal can’t let go of her. After recently posting that he misses her, the two have finally been spotted together having fun in Bamburi Beach Hotel over the weekend.  I bet  Amira won’t be happy seeing this.

Back Together?
Amber had however. insinuated that she was in touch with Jimal; after stating that there’s no bad blood between them.

What has netizens talking is the fact that they seem to still be  in love but are hiding their relationship. It’s not clear whether they might be re-kindling their love once more.

Watch their video below; courtesy of Nairobi Gossip;

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