Lambistic As F*- Andrew Kibe Criticizes Alfred Mutua For Inviting Ex-Wife Lillian For His Birthday Party

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Dr. Alfred Mutua and his ex-lover Lillian Ng’ang’a have been on the spotlight for a number of days; after announcing an amicable separation. Some believe the break-up was a kiki stunt. However, Mutua cleared this up in a recent interview on Jalang’o TV; where he further stated that there’s no publicity stunt involved in their separation.

”…We celebrate life and are pleased that we have reached this decision in a mature, agreeable manner.

I am a happy and blessed man and we have agreed we will protect and support each other.”

By inviting her over for his birthday party held 3 days ago, they depicted that there’s no bad blood between them.

 Turns out that not everyone was happy with Alfred Mutua over the same.

Andrew Kibe Unhappy With Mutua

Andrew Kibe has taken to Instagram to express his sentiments; terming Mutua as ‘lambistic’. He criticizes the masculinity of Rayvanny and Mutua  for holding a combined birthday party.

”First, msee ana have birthday at 51. Una invite ex buda? Don’t you have a towel? Ukioshwa unajipanguza na una move on… What’s happening to the men?”

For this reason, he claims that he won’t vote for such leaders. Andrew Kibe has recently been going after men and criticizing their masculinity. Last time, he went after Xtian Dela for flaunting his girlfriend’s baby bump on social media.

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