RINGTONE’s dirty businesses revealed and leave him badly exposed – He uses music as a cover-up – DCI please!

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Controversial gospel singer, Ringtone Apoko, lives a flamboyant lifestyle that leaves Kenyans questioning the source of his immense wealth.

The clout-chasing singer exchanges top-of-the-range vehicles like clothes and reportedly owns palatial houses in Runda and Karen.

Although he claims that his lavish lifestyle is funded by his music career, fresh details have emerged that he is involved in the thriving fake gold business.

According to blogger Abraham Mutai, Ringtone is an associate of notorious gold scammer Chris Obure.

He also cuts shadowy deals with Don Bosco Gichana-another well-known fraudster who served jail term in Tanzania for engaging in fraud.

Mutai claims that Ringtone bribes rogue police officers to protect him and threatened to produce evidence to prove that he is involved in fraud

“This so called musician and victim of #AlaisRungu, Ringtone Apoko, is just a fake-gold dealer who is an associate of Chris Obure and some other nefarious characters like Don Bosco Gichana. 

“His wash-wash and fake gold deals are being handled and masked by a lawyer who was recently revealed to be sleeping with a TV host.

He is a cartel. Even his cars are not registered under his name making them suspected proceeds of theft. Even some officers know this. 

Ringtone has now bribed some police officers to screw Alai and is using theatrics and media glare to present himself as a victim. The man doesn’t have any musical skills or songs worth even Ksh 10,000. Music and salvation is a mask.

Always high, Ringtone now thinks that he owns the said few officers who can fix Alai while he started the mess, attacked Alai, injured Alai and then bribed some officers for Alai to be charged and not him. This is how the mafia owns a country.

Ringtone must be stopped. We will present to you the trail of all these crimes plus documents,” he posted on his official Facebook page.

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