Anapenda Wamama Sana- Jalang’o Speaks On Andrew Kibe Being Housed By An Old Woman

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Comedian and radio presenter Felix Odiwuor (Jalang’o) is not taking any shenanigans from Andrew Kibe lightly. The comedian has hit back at Kibe for his recent spree in attacking celebrities in an uncouth manner.  However, Kibe has also had his fare share of comebacks from those he trolls online; including Eric Omondi.

The comedian stated that Kibe is being housed by a 57 year old woman in The States; where he’s currently residing and taking his videos from;

”Andrew Kibe lives in a woman’s house in America. He eats and sleeps in a woman’s bed. Mtu amewekwa na Mumama has no Moral Authority to address anyone.”

Kibe would later on refute the claims; bearing in mind his toxic masculinity that he instills on men who dare to listen to his videos.

Omondi’s sentiment has now gone a notch higher after Jalang’o confirmed that Kibe indeed loves older women.

”… Hiyo ndio umbwakni number one. Imagine kutoka apa kuenda kuekwa na mama huko. Lakini unajua anapenda wamama. Andrew Kibe anapenda wamama sana. Na hiyo ndio utamu yake. Unajua mapenzi ya mama, unapata mapenzi na bado unakuwa kama mtoto wake…”

Jalang’o continued to state that if Andrew Kibe is undergoing any financial constraints, he should contact him in order for him to help out.

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