God will always give you WARNING before any disaster

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I watched this clip of the Chopper crash involving Narok Governor, Tunai and immediately reflected about the warning signs God puts on our ways before we fall into disasters….. And how often we ignore them, to our harm.

From the clip, you can clearly hear the laymen saying “ime kataa”. From the perspective of the outsiders, they could clearly see and sense that something is wrong. They could clearly see danger ahead, and were not surprised when it crashed. Unfortunately, the pilot and the people inside couldn’t see how bad they looked when the Chopper appeared weak and unable to gain power…….

That is what happens in real life.

Before any major disaster, you will get a warning……

Before you enter a bad relationship with a drama queen or with a man who is an expert in cheating….. You will get warnings. Either a friend will be sincere, or you will get evidence and ignore, or some stranger will warn you…..

Before you get conned, you will see danger signs. Something MUST happen to warn you about the trap..

Before you get an accident, you will get some warning signs. Either the tyres of your car will show signs of swelling (before they burst) or you get some funny noise… If you ignore, you will pay heavily…

Before electing a bad leader, you will get warnings like “choices have consequences” and ignore…..

Before your marriage collapses, you will get warning signs. You will see major changes or open defiance….

Before that mental breakdown, you will see some strange behavior, like talking to one self or strange dreams or illusions….

Before that heart attack or stroke, you will see clear warnings, you will see fatigue and at times swellings….

Before that miscarriage, you will feel the pain or bleeding…. Etc

All these are warning signs

More often than not, we tend to ignore them.. We tend to be too engrossed on the goal and ignore the warning signs

One of the most painful episodes in my life was losing substantial amounts of money to Wash Wash Conmen about 8 years ago…..

I was under intense pressure and a friend misled that “some guys with unused UN money wanted chemicals to clean up the money” Another was that “Biwott’s bodyguard took some darkened money he had hidden in his safe, so they need chemicals to clean up the money”

I lost money and friends and two cars… Because I ignored all warning signs… I was too engrossed in making money and threw all common sense out of the window.. I lost money in my SQ On Greenspan, when some Congolese fellow in flashy cars came to me and conned me around 40k, and another 500k after being convinced that the chemicals were not right.

I then lost money and cars three times in Kisumu. The most painful one was when a guy from Manyatta called Patrick took 300k from me and a friend, and told us to wait for him opposite United Mall in the sun, because if we moved to the shade, “tunge haribu mambo” like fools, we stood in the Kisumu sun for hours, sweating until it hit us that we were played…..

I got warning shots when I lost 10k, and ignored. Iost 20k, I ignored and lost 300k that is when my eyes popped open… Painfully so..

I don’t know what warning you are ignoring today…. Just reflect on the danger signs…

Have a careful day ahead and use this day to reflect……


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