‘Kibe Atajinyonga’- Eric Omondi Hits Back At Andrew Kibe Yet Again With New Video

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Jimmy Wanjigi’s chief campaigner Eric Omondi has proved that he can go beyond the obvious to help the mogul in campaigning for the presidential seat. The comedian’s cross-dressing made him lock horns with radio presenter Andrew Kibe; who’s endless rants have been landing on any celebrity he feels is going astray.

Head To Head

The Rogue radio founder has been clashing with Eric Omondi on a weekly basis ever since Kibe ignited his predicaments with Eric.

”Eric I’m talking to you man. Nilimwona amefanya video juzi, amejivaa kaa dem, amepaka mpaka make-up, selling a political candidate. Nikajiuliza why? I don’t have to dress like women to talk to women… Women respond to men… ID yako imeandikwaje? Ama ni Erica… You need to change your ways. Ukona tabia za kidem sasa wewe. Na since ukona tabia za kidem lazima tukuambie sasa,” Kibe stated.

A war of bitter words ensued; and Eric Omondi went ahead to disclose explicit details that the presenter was being ‘taken care of’ by an elderly woman in The States.

Eric has maintained his strategy and has now recorded a video of himself after wearing women’s make-up. He captioned;

”Divalicious loading…Si Kibe atajinyonga this time round, Warembo na Wanjigi!!! Lakini nakaa msupuu tuseme tu ukweli!!! Kwanza meno😬”

With Andrew Kibe’s peculiar comebacks, he’s definitely going to hit back at the comedian.

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